There is always a purpose to develop a website; and that is to market your business on the internet. But if you are not getting noticed and are outnumbered by your competition, then it’s time you did some SEO! And if you don’t understand what SEO means, then don’t worry, ‘It Just Takes James!’

SEO services

Thousands of websites are created every day. Some designers do know SEO so they make the site Search Engine friendly while developing; but then there are those who don’t know anything about or have wrong conceptions about it, these people end up designing a site which just sits there and is only visited by the site address.

And it’s not just about getting the site SEO’d while designing. You need to market the site properly to increase the inflow of unique traffic and to get the site notified by the search engines. A new site is rarely listed in the top two or three pages of any search engines. That’s where SEO comes in. And a quality SEO service will not just deliver a onetime boost to the site; it will make sure that the site stays where it is till new changes.

These days Search Engines desire quality and fresh content along with good user experience. And that’s what SEO Team at WebyJames delivers. With our in-house experienced writer and our knowledgeable SEO team, we can increase the visibility of your site in Search Engines. We follow the Search Engines developments closely, so our techniques are effective and search engine friendly. Words like Black-Hat or Grey-Hat are not there in our dictionary; because we aim at delivering service that gives a boost to your business and traffic.

Organic SEO

The WebyJames SEO services include :

Keyword Research
Link Building
Page Content Optimization
Meta Tag Optimization
Article Submission
Guest Post Submission
Social Media Promotion
Internal Text Link Promotion
Content Writing
Setting up of Google Analytics/Webmaster Tools
Setting up of Bing Webmaster/Analytics

Don’t be worried about the cost, just worry about the visibility of your business and the fulfillment of website design purpose. The SEO services that we provide are at a very economical price.